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7 Effective Website Design Attributes for Integrative Health Brands

If your website is not effectively designed and optimized to ‘immediately’ engage visitors, you may be losing more prospective patients or clients than you think.

Preventive Medicine as a Viable Financial Model

Prevention remains the only magic bullet ‘cure’ for most malignancies and chronic disease. It’s where we’re headed. The conundrum for providers lies in delivering the most effective services with sufficient profit margin.


White Papers & E-BOOKS

Grow Your Integrative Medicine Business By Telling Bigger Stories

Content is the fuel that launches thought leadership, the glue that binds social media and the only path to meaningful, sustainable health consumer engagement. While a well-balanced mix of traditional advertising, marketing, media relations, referrals, and reputation management remains vitally important and necessary to increasing and retaining integrative medicine patient volume, it is now imperative for your clinic or center to become a content creator. Download FREE 31-page e-Book to learn more.

How to Increase Clinic Utilization of Integrative Medicine Services in 60 Days

Popular white paper explores how integrative medicine clinics and centers can better utilize marketing, brand positioning and content creation to increase patient volume and overall utilization of evidence-based clinical services. Download FREE report.